Spinning rollers made of GESADUR® DN

For use on high performance machines

Best results in shaping

Spinning and profiling rollers made of GESADUR® DN are designed for use on high-performance machines, such as those used for the production of high-gloss reflectors made of aluminum and spinning parts made of ductile materials. If the machines run with rollers made of GESADUR® DN, spinning parts with excellent surfaces are guaranteed.

Shortened service life

Sachsenröder manufactures the spinning rollers on state-of-the-art CNC lathes - with the highest precision. The highly compressed plastic GESADUR® DN ensures the high surface quality and a concentricity of 0.01 millimeters. If the GESADUR® DN spinning rollers show signs of wear, they can be reworked without any problems - thus significantly shortening service lives.

By means of GESACLEAN, a special development of Sachsenröder, the pressure rollers on the running surface can be cleaned in order to prolong their service life.

Pressure rollers