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Training and internships

Career starters welcome

Sachsenröder sees itself as a company in the duty to accompany young people into the job. As a company in the chemical industry, we offer numerous positions in various training courses every year. Our wide range of professional fields offers exciting training with extensive tasks.

Our young employees also assume responsibility at an early stage. Because in addition to the training area, we offer the opportunity to look beyond the horizon during the course of training and also to get a taste of related areas. Lay a solid foundation for your future career - whether in the technical or commercial field!

This is why we prefer to offer internships in the professions in which we offer training or employment. If you have already decided on a field of work, our apprenticeships offer the best start to your professional life.

We make every effort to make it easier for pupils, trainees and students to start their professional life! That is why interested parties are always welcome at our company. During their internship, pupils and students can quickly find out whether their choice of career is in line with their expectations.