What are underrollers GESADUR®?

Plastic with natural fibre content

To describe the GESADUR® pressure and underrollers as a product "made of natural plastic" appears at first glance to be a contradiction in terms. However, a closer look at this high-performance material quickly reveals that GESADUR® pressure and underrollers contain 60% natural fibres. This means that the second product line from Sachsenröder is also based on renewable raw materials.

Strong arguments for GESADUR® underrollers

GESADUR® shows its strengths when it comes to showing strength: GESADUR® pressure and underrollers can absorb enormous forces! This is due to the three-dimensionally cross-linked structure which is formed during the curing process of the thermoset. With the GESADUR® rollers, Sachsenröder offers a homogeneous, extremely compact material based on highly compressed thermosetting plastics, which has proven itself worldwide.