GESADUR® DN - Roller cleaning device

For the optimal care


  • Tube and basket stranding machines
  • rotating winders and unwinders


  • Surfaces of the support rollers
  • Cleaning the running surfaces of the support rollers
  • further noise reduction

Special features of the system:

  • no contamination of the ambient air by the cleaning agent GESACLEAN
  • each nozzle can be dosed individually
  • small line cross-sections


The complete roller cleaning unit consists of a pump unit, max. 2 distributors with max. 10 outlets each and an air maintenance unit. This is completely mounted on a plate of approx. 400 x 600 mm. Furthermore, the scope of delivery includes the corresponding number of spray nozzles. A polyamide pipe (outer Ø 4 mm, inner Ø 2.7 mm) is required for the supply line from the distributor to the spray nozzle.

Sachsenroeder underrollers