Areas of application for Savutec® vulcanized fibre

Diverse properties, versatile & sustainable

Lightweight, resilient, temperature-resistant and much more - SAVUTEC® vulcanized fibre offers numerous advantageous Material properties. In addition, the material consists of one hundred percent renewable raw materials and is degradable in the home compost without any residue. This has already made the material a popular choice for products such as lampshades and suitcases in the past. In the meantime, this traditional material is experiencing a renaissance thanks to SAVUTEC® vulcanized fiber.
Due to its positive material properties and high environmental friendliness, it is being used in more and more industries by ecologically responsible companies for demanding applications. Below you will find an overview of the current common applications. In addition, SAVUTEC® vulcanised fibre also offers potential for many new applications, such as in the field of packaging and much more. We will inform you about these forward-looking ideas in our Area for ideas & innovations.