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About vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC®

The 100 percent plastic-free plastic

A wide range of properties.

Vulcanized fiber SAVUTEC® is a strong, horn-like material that can be excellently shaped. The branded vulcanized fiber is hard, tough and wear-resistant. It impresses with its high mechanical load-bearing capacity and extreme tensile strength, and offers a wide range of variation possibilities, thus enabling us to optimally adjust the properties of vulcanized fiber to our areas of application. Thanks to the high strength and stability of vulcanized fiber, our SAVUTE® products are used in various areas.

Versatile in use.

No less impressive is what you can do with vulcanised fibre SAVUTEC®: The material can be bent, embossed, punched, cut, drilled, milled, ground, planed and glued. Vulcanized fibre can be excellently machined and further processed during the manufacturing process. Vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® is particularly suitable as a carrier material for abrasives and ensures that wood veneers do not peel off. The natural fibre fits as a moulded punched part in seals or serves as an insert in medical devices. In addition, our vulcanized fiber SAVUTEC® serves as a composite and tool material for decorating colored decors such as furniture, doors and vehicle interiors.