Spinning rollers made of Gesadur® WN

Best forming results

Spinning and profiling rollers made of GESADUR® WN are designed for applications on high-yield machines as they are used in the manufacture of mirror-finish aluminium reflectors and spun parts made of ductile material. Using rollers made of GESADUR® WN on your machines guarantees spun parts with excellent surfaces.

Longer service life

Sachsenröder manufactures its spinning rollers on state-of-the-art CNC-lathes – with the highest precision. The high-density polymer GESADUR® WN provides a high surface quality and run true precision of 0.01 millimetres. Should GESADUR® WN spinning rollers show wear and tear, they can easily be reworked – and thus increase their service life significantly.

GESACLEAN, a special product developed by G.H. Sachsenröder, is used to clean the upper surface of the rollers to prolong their service life .

We will be happy to send our price list for standard GESADUR® WN rollers upon request .