Abrasive vulcanized fibre is highly robust when heat-treated; this property plays a key part in resin hardening.

A high level of structural resistance makes it possible to manufacture high-performance grinding disks with a smaller proportion of vulcanized fibre.

The outstanding controlled cooling properties that our vulcanized fibre possesses make it highly flexible. Vulcanized fibre is environmentally friendly, since it is a pH-neutral cellulose product.

Years of experience and close contact with our customers have resulted in the development of different types of abrasive vulcanized fibre, which covers all requirements and all areas of application. Standard thicknesses range from 0.38 to 0.84 mm; special thicknesses can be provided by arrangement.

Abrasive vulcanized fibre is the product that is used to manufacture flexible grinding disks. 
Flexible grinding disks of this type use vulcanized fibre as the base, to which a special binding agent and the actual abrasive - corundum grains - are then added. The quality of the flexible abrasive disks is guaranteed only by the suitability and high quality of all of these materials, as well as careful manufacturing by experienced abrasive material manufacturers.

Vulcanized fibre assumes a particular responsibility in this regard.

The DSA (German Abrasives Commission), with Sachsenröder’s assistance, has therefore established values for abrasive vulcanized fibre as minimum requirements for the manufacturing of fiber disks, which are necessary for high-performance abrasive disks with peripheral speeds of 80 m/s.
These values relate to tensile strength, adhesion and heat resistance.
The abrasive vulcanized fibre exceeds all of these minimum DSA requirements in every instance.

  • Cross-directional tensile strength of the vulcanized fibre material, the lowest value when the fibre orientation is taken into account, is required as a matter of course during grinding because of the centrifugal forces that arise and the nature of the grinding process itself.
  • Adhesion is demanded as a means of preventing the layers from cracking and the corundum grains becoming loose.
  • Heat resistance is necessary to prevent the flexible disks from being made brittle by the temperatures used during manufacturing and those generated by the grinding process.

In every case, the tough and flexible quality of the abrasive vulcanized fibre satisfies these varied and stringent requirements.
Sachsenröder guarantees consistent quality, which is monitored by continuous checks during manufacture and on the finished abrasive vulcanized fibre itself.
Abrasive vulcanized fibre is produced in a range of thicknesses, widths and other presentations to suit market requirements.