Vulcanized Fibre SAVUTEC® N

Seals and Insulations

Sealing and insulation in any form

A large variety of applications is the key feature of the SAVUTEC ® products. SAVUTEC® N serves as the best example. Vulcanized fibre is a component in many sealing and insulation elements that are in turn used in many different industrial areas. And the root cause is not least that SAVUTEC® N has manifold processing options.

It is its excellent physical and dielectric properties that distinguish SAVUTEC ® N. The versatile vulcanized fibre is not only electricity-insulated but it can also be bent, punched and embossed easily and precisely. The fact that the requirements pursuant to DIN 7737 are not only met but even exceeded in terms of values is part of the natural quality features of SAVUTEC® N vulcanized fibre.

Vulcanized fibre is not a thermoplastic polymer and is therefore heat-resistant; in chemical terms it is absolutely neutral.

Beispiele für verschiedene Ausführungen von Dichtungen und Isolierungen


  • In accordance with DIN 7737 
  • Type VF3111 for general and mechanical purposes
  • Type VF3121 for electrical-technical purposes
  • Suitable for seals and insulations
  • Can be bent, stamped and embossed
  • UL certificate number: E218790
  • Colours: Blue-gray (standard) / red, black, light-gray (special colours)
  • SAVUTEC® N is manufactured in rolls with original widths of approximately 1400 mm and with up to a bandwidth of 7 mm. (Special formats available on request)
  • The standard thicknesses available are 0.20 mm; 0.30 mm; 0.40 mm; 0.50 mm; 0,60 mm; 0.80 mm and 1.00 mm. (Special thickness available on request) • SAVUTEC® N is available in the colours: Blue-gray, red, black and light-gray. (Special colours on request)

Sachsenröder produces and delivers these qualities in roll and slim tape format. These are then used by the processor for stamping, embossing, shaping etc, in order to meet the mechanical and dielectric functions of the processing company. For this reason, alongside the physical and electricity-insulating properties, these qualities must also be suitable for bending and stamping. In order to meet all the required values for both mechanical and electro-technical sectors with one SAVUTEC ® N vulcanised fibre product, this item is made using high-quality raw materials in a carefully controlled manufacturing procedure which results in a vulcanised fibre that is ideally suited to universal use in both of the above sectors.