Vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® N

Sealing and insulation

Sealing and insulating in any form

Versatility is a hallmark of vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® products. Vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® N underlines this. Vulcanized fibre is a component of many sealing and insulation elements, which in turn are used in various branches of industry. And this is not least due to the fact that vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® N can be processed in so many different ways.

It is the excellent physical and dielectric properties that distinguish vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® N. The versatile vulcanized fibre is not only electrically insulated, but can also be easily and precisely bent, punched and embossed. The fact that the requirements according to DIN 7737 are not only fulfilled, but even exceeded in terms of values, is one of the self-evident quality features of vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® N.

The vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® N is not a thermoplastic and therefore heat-resistant; in the chemical sense it is absolutely neutral.

Examples of different types of seals and insulation

Technical data of vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® N

  • according to DIN 7737
  • Type VF3111 for general and mechanical purposes
  • Type VF3121 for electrical engineering purposes
  • suitable for seals and insulation
  • bendable, punchable and stampable
  • UL certificate number: E218790
  • Colours: blue-grey (standard) / red, black, light grey (special colours)
  • SAVUTEC® N is produced in rolls with original widths of approx. 1400 mm and is made up to a width of 7 mm. (Special formats on request)
  • Standard thicknesses are 0.20 mm; 0.30 mm; 0.40 mm; 0.50 mm; 0.60 mm; 0.80 mm and 1.00 mm. (Special thicknesses on request)
  • SAVUTEC® N is available in the following colours: blue-grey, red, black and light grey. (Special colours on request)

The company Sachsenröder produces and supplies these qualities in rolls and narrow strips. From these, the further processing companies stamp, emboss, shape, etc., in order to fulfil mechanical and dielectric functions of the further processing companies. Therefore these qualities must be bendable and punchable in addition to the required physical and electrical insulating properties. In order to be able to fulfil all required values for the mechanical area as well as for the interests of the electrical engineering with one product Vulcanized Fibre SAVUTEC® N, high-quality raw materials are produced in a carefully controlled manufacturing process to a vulcanized fibre for the production of this article, which is universally suitable for both of the above mentioned areas.