Vulcanized fiber Savutec® SM/SMS

Basis for highest grinding performance

Abrasive vulcanised fibre has high strength after heat treatment; this property plays an important role in resin hardening. Due to high structural strength, high-performance grinding wheels with a lower proportion of vulcanized fibre can be produced. Since our vulcanized fibre has excellent reclimatization properties, a high degree of flexibility is achieved. Vulcanized fibre is environmentally friendly, as it is a pH-neutral cellulose product.

Years of experience and close contact with our customers have led to the development of various types of abrasive vulcanized fibre which cover all areas of application and requirements. Thicknesses between 0.38 and 0.84 mm are available as standard; special thicknesses are available on request.

Abrasive vulcanized fibre is the product for the manufacture of flexible grinding wheels - the so-called fibre discs. Flexible grinding wheels of this type are made of vulcanized fibre as backing material, a special binder and the actual abrasive, the so-called corundum grains. Only suitable and high quality of all the above mentioned materials as well as the careful production of experienced abrasive manufacturers guarantee the quality of the flexible grinding wheel.

Structure of a grinding wheel savutec

Structure of a grinding wheel

Vulcanised fibre takes on a special responsibility in this respect. For this reason, the DSA (German Abrasive Wheel Committee) has defined values for abrasive vulcanised fibre as minimum requirements for the manufacture of fibre discs, which are necessary for high-performance grinding wheels with peripheral speeds of 80 m/s. These are the values of tensile strength, layer strength and heat resistance.

All these minimum requirements demanded by the DSA are exceeded by the abrasive vulcanised fibre in every case.

  • The tensile strength in the transverse direction of the vulcanised fibre material as the weakest value in view of the fibre orientation is required for the grinding process due to the centrifugal forces occurring and for the grinding process itself
  • The layer strength is required to prevent layer tears and grain breakage
  • The heat resistance is necessary to avoid embrittlement due to the temperatures used in the manufacture of the flexible grinding wheels and the actual grinding temperatures

The tough and flexible quality of the abrasive vulcanised fibre meets these versatile and high requirements in every case. The uniformity of the quality, monitored by constant controls during production and on the finished product SAVUTEC® SM, is guaranteed by the company Sachsenröder . According to the market needs, the abrasive vulcanized fibre is produced in various thicknesses, widths and other presentations.