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Vulcanized fiber SAVUTEC® DF / VM

Flexible carrier for top laminates

Vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® DF / VM is used as a carrier material for the production of continuous laminates, preferably based on melamine resin. These continuous laminates are cut to form edging material or used as surface material for post- or softforming products. vulcanfiber SAVUTEC® DF / VM is used where particularly high demands are placed on the end product, e.g. in the kitchen furniture sector.

As a vulcanized fibre manufacturer with decades of experience in the field of such vulcanized fibre qualities, which are used as laminates with decorative surfaces in the furniture industry, we have developed this special product vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® DF / VM for the manufacture of such products on continuous presses.

The construction possibilities of these laminate materials are versatile and can be designed in different ways depending on the intended use and price. For this reason vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® DF / VM is available in several thicknesses and colour types in the production programme of the company Sachsenröder . The production of the edging and surface material must be adapted to the respective further processing techniques.

With the introduction of market-driven glues, e.g. PVAC glue, post and softforming processing has expanded considerably. The radii required in post- and softforming processes require a corresponding flexibility of the laminate material.

This required flexibility is achieved by modifying the resins but mainly by reducing the resin content of the laminate. In this case, it is advisable to increase the vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® DF / VM content by using type VM 0.20, which has been proven to prevent defects, e.g. cracking on the surface.

  • These products are manufactured as standard in thicknesses of 0.10; 0.20 + 0.30 mm. Other thicknesses on request.
  • Colours: white, light brown, brown, black.
  • For extreme deep-drawing problems we recommend the softer materials vulcanised fibre SAVUTEC® DF / ZL or smooth fibre.