Composite material brown

Vulcanized fiber SAVUTEC® DF

Composite and tool function

Composite and tool function

Coloured decors beautify furniture, doors and vehicle interiors. To make them look as beautiful as they are meant to be, they need a special composite material: vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® DF - the vulcanized fibre for top decors, which Sachsenröder offers in various qualities.

Carrier, release film, endless laminate

Vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® is suitable as a composite material for veneers and decorations or as a separating foil for deep-drawn parts. The flexible decorative vulcanized fibre is available in the qualities vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® DF / VM, SAVUTEC® DF / ZL and SAVUTEC® GF. All products are characterised by very favourable postforming and softforming properties, good deep-drawing properties and high thermal resistance. In addition, vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® DF can be used for the production of continuous laminates.

veneer savutec moulded part structure


  • Vulcanized fibre SAVUTEC® DF / VM and SAVUTEC® DF / ZL
  • especially suitable for the production of profiled surfaces
  • also suitable as separating film for surface design
  • especially for decors based on melamine resin and phenolic resin
  • Material thicknesses from 0.08 - 0.50 mm
  • high layer firmness
  • good malleability
  • very good deep-drawing properties
  • good thermal resistance, even after processing
  • high mechanical and thermal splitting strength
  • Standard colours / white, light brown, brown, black