About us


Founded in 1881 in Wuppertal

On 19 June 1881 Gustav-Heinrich Sachsenröder concluded a service agreement with parchment master Theodor Biesenkamp to set up a parchment paper factory. The factory commenced operations on 1 February in today‘s Wuppertal.

Innovative Products from Wuppertal

Production started with parchment paper for packaging and decoration. But Gustav-Heinrich Sachsenröder soon recognized the particular advantages of hydrate cellulose and soon began to manufacture multi-layered parchment. This innovative power inspired his son Gustav Sachsenröder who became a pioneer. He was the frst who managed to make continuous vulcanized fibre.

Closely tied to Wuppertal

In the 3th generation Gustav-Adolf Sachsenröder and Günther Sachsenröder continued developing new material: they enlarged the vulcanized fbre product range with the now branded SAVUTEC® and continued to expand the production facilities of GESADUR®. Since 1996 Dirk Sachsenröder has been managing the family business in the 4th generation. Just like his predecessors he feels strongly tied to »his« City of Wuppertal. With great personal commitment Dirk Sachsenröder promotes and supports the city and the industry location along the river Wupper.

Production in harmony with Nature

As a family business it is only natural for Sachsenröder to assume responsibility for people and their environment. This entails both quality products that are made in good working conditions and maintaining the basis of life for the next generation. This is the reason why Sachsenröder manufactures its vulcanized fbre products with the eco-effcient sulphuric acid procedure – as the only company worldwide. In contrast to the widespread zinc chloride process, the more sophisticated sulphuric acid process uses highquality and renewable raw fibres. The sulphuric acid serves a catalyst in the parchmentizing process and is subsequently washed out of the fnal product completely. Thus, SAVUTEC® is 100 % free of residues and equipped with particularly good mechanical material properties.

Entrepreneurial and Social Commitment

In infuential functions Dirk Sachsenröder promotes development and networking of the industry location along the river Wupper. In the Federation of Entrepreneur‘s Associations (VBU) he is hairman of the Board of the Employer‘s Association of the chemical industry in the region Bergisches Land. He is a shareholder in the Technology Centre Wuppertal (W-tec) and member of the Committee for Industry and Environment of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Wuppertal, Solingen, Remscheid. Furthermore Dirk Sachsenröder is socially active at the Rotary Club Wuppertal-Süd.