GESADUR® WN - Processing hints

GESADUR® WN - Processing Hints


  • Use only carbide tools
  • K10, lead angle to work ~ 5°
  • Rake angle 0 - 10°
  • v = 200 - 250 m/min
  • First rough-turn and/or finish turning parts
  • s rough turning ~ 0,25 - 0,5 mm/rev
  • s smoothing < 0,15mm/rev.
  • Select a cutting edge angle of 45° where possible

When turning workpieces whose exit side has already been finally planed, take these with the minor cutting edge of the turning chisel and then return only when ready. This prevents the workpiece from breaking out on the exit side.

Superfinish of running surfaces

To ensure first-rate surface quality, a feed motion of 0.03 mm / rev. should be selected for superfinishing. Best surface quality is achieved by diamond cutting.


Using only carbide-tipped twist or flat drills on the drill press, cutting angle ~ 90°, v = 40 m / min, drilling with SS spiral drill v = 15 - 20 m / min. Clear chips regularly when using a twist drill.

GESADUR® WN - Underroller cleaning equipment


  • Tubular and rigid stranders
  • Drum Twisters


  • Support roller surfaces
  • Cleaning the upper surfaces of supporting rollers
  • Additional noise reduction

Special system features

  • GESACLEAN cleaning agent does not pollute the surrounding air
  • Each nozzle can be individually dosed
  • Small pipe cross-sections


The entire roller cleaning device consists of one pump unit, a maximum of two distributors with a maximum of ten outlets each, and an air maintenance unit. This is fully mounted on a plate measuring about 400 x 600 mm. The appropriate number of spray jets is also included. A polyamide pipe (outside diameter 4 mm, internal diameter 2.7 mm) is needed to connect the distributing unit to the spray jet.


Cleaning agent for Gesadur® WN rollers and support rollers GESACLEAN is a special development by G.H. Sachsenröder.

It offers the following special advantages

  • Cleaning the upper surfaces of support rollers
  • Anti-static surfaces for support rollers
  • Additional noise reduction

GESACLEAN does not contain any of the following

  • PCB
  • Chlorine
  • Halogens

Physical Data

Boiling range is about 285 - 350 °C.
This solution is not water-soluble.

Emergencies and First Aid measures

If swallowed
Do not induce vomiting.
Administer approx. 25 - 50 g medicinal charcoal and 5 - 10 g liquid paraffin.

Rinse with copious water.

Special information
Does not require labeling under the ArbStoffV.
Not included in the list of maximum workplace concentrations [MAK-Wert-Liste].
Technical Instructions for Air Quality Management [TA Luft] Class III.

Handling and Storage

There are no particular requirements for transport and storage.
It will not tolerate powerful oxidants.
GESACLEAN contains no hazardous breakdown products, and there is no risk of dangerous reactions.
If GESACLEAN is spilt or leaks, it should be recovered using an oil-binding medium.


GESACLEAN is not hazardous to health in terms of the Ordinance on Hazardous Industrial Substances ArbStoffV.