Underrollers made of Gesadur® WN

Reduce running noise, increase rotation speed

Underrollers made of moulded laminates or steel show a high degree of wear and tear. During a prolonged shutdown of a machine the rollers may break or become deformed. Loud running noise and vibrations develop - the machine works inefficiently!

With GESADUR® WN a memory effect starts working: When machines start up again after a prolonged shutdown, the underrollers go back to their original shape. This means that rollers made of GESADUR® WN do not flatten! GESADUR® WN allows you to increase the rotation speed of your machine and at the same time it reduces running noise.

Available in the following forms:

  • Rough-turned with a machining allowance on all sides, i.e. with a 2 mm tolerance on the outside diameter, internal diameter and width
  • Finished, with machining allowance on the outside diameter
  • Completely finished, with steel bush and/or steel shaft, outside diameter turned with a diamond, maximum concentricity precision 0.01 mm
  • Cut in the case of blanks, with or without machining allowance.

Press Molds

Please note that we press GESADUR ® WN only in cylinder shape. The following are the maximum finished diameters that we can turn from our individual press molds. For the surface width, we have specified the maximum widths of the corresponding press molds.

Max. finished-ø
207 234 262 287 322 362 407 412 492 552 632 707 1012
Max. width:
130 130 150 150 150 170 200 200 200 280 280 280 370

Technical Details

Compressive strength 350 N/mm 2
Bending strength 80N/mm 2
Tensile strength across the direction to press 45N/mm 2
E-Module 7000-8000 N/mm 2
Specific weight 1,4 g/cm 3
Water absorption Din 53495/32 80 mg
Dimensional stability Martens 130°C
Stability cycle, edited 15,5 kV (4 mm)
Surface resistance >10 9 <1010 Ohm
Coefficient of friction against steel 0,21
Coefficient of friction according to lubricant ~0,1